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Juan Morales-Rocha

Who am I? / ¿Quién soy yo?

I'm a polymath with many hats
I am a designer & an artist
I am Latino & a Libra
I am a geek
I am...


Juan Morales-Rocha

I double-majored in Art & Design for Games and Playable Media along with Cognitive Science: AI/HCI at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I'm currently working as the undergraduate adviser for the Games and Playable Media program here at UCSC and am excited to finally be out in the real world practicing and polishing my craft.

I have always believed that both technical and creative thinking bring out the most ingenious ideas, which is why I enjoy surrounding myself with diverse groups of people that aren't afraid to share their stories and experiences with me. 

In terms of my workflow — no matter the project — I always start by thinking about the aesthetic and emotional outcomes that I want the user/viewer/player to experience. I work in both digital and analog formats because I feel that the future of games shouldn't only be limited to pixels behind a screen.